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Life is a vapor

About five months ago I met Billy at an event called Live after Five. I gave Billy a gospel tract and talked to him about Jesus. He had been in a life of addiction but was getting back on his feet, had just started a new job and was on his way to being independent. But he was currently staying in the homeless shelter and only had 20 minutes to get there or he wouldn’t have a bed for the night. There’s no way he could make it in time. So me, James Goss and Billy power walked to my car and drove with purpose to the homeless shelter with a few minutes to spare. The whole way there Billy was thanking us and marveling that God would show him such mercy. He said he wanted to come to church but I tried to contact him for several weeks afterwards and he never returned my messages.

While I was on my way downtown to Live After Five yesterday afternoon I was remembering my encounter with Billy, so I thought I would just check his Facebook page to see if he was still in Baton Rouge and try to follow up on him again. What I found was that Billy died two weeks ago of a heart attack.

Life is a vapor.



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Jesus knows all my wants and weaknesses; all my sin and misery. He knows the malice of my enemies, and the foolishness of my heart. He has power to subdue my whole nature to Himself, and to defeat the wiles and machinations of my foes.

His grace is all-sufficient.

His love is infinite.

His wisdom cannot be defeated.

His power cannot be resisted.

He has all power and strength–and I am very weak. He has all the knowledge to understand my whole case, and all the wisdom necessary to direct everything concerning me. He makes no mistakes. He is never deceived. He is never outsmarted. He knows all things.

He knows my weaknesses. He knows my sorrows. He knows my heart. His wisdom never fails. He is never confounded or perplexed. He has as much mercy and kindness as I need. His loving-kindness is so great that we cannot fathom its top or the bottom–the length or the breadth of it. The ocean of the Divine love is boundless and inexhaustible! It is infinite!

I have no sorrow to which He is a stranger.

He sympathizes with me in all my sufferings and temptations.

I need just such a friend.

(William S Plumer)

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